Our first recorded conversation about what we will be exploring and what we hope to accomplish with our podcast. The recording is not perfect. Levels aren’t balanced. A real first attempt. Please be kind. They will get better as we get better. We promise.

[2:12] – What is the difference between a strata and a condo? (Spoiler alert: nothing.)

[3:00] – The things we stratify or make into condos

[4:00] – The stories that arise from living in shared spaces

[4:28] – Tony’s 1,000th Condo Smarts column

[5:18] – Bylaws and legislation as the biggest themes from Condo Smarts columns

  1. Link to:
    1. The Strata Property Act of BC
    2. The Personal Information Protection Act
    3. The Human Rights Code of BC
    4. The BC Safety Authority (now known as Technical Safety BC)
    5. WorkSafeBC

[6:55] – Please send us your questions and issues by email. We want to hear from you!

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